Noel McCarthy Photography

Take a Bough!

On the beach at Pineto (TE) in Abruzzo, Italy.

City in the Snow

Part of a series of photographs taken during the recent snowfall in Abruzzo Italy.


Part of a series of photographs taken during the recent snowfall in Abruzzo Italy.


Part of a series of photographs taken during the recent snowfall in Abruzzo Italy.

Green, White and Orange

Part of a series of photographs taken during the recent snowfall in Abruzzo Italy.

Cold Slide

Part of a series of photographs taken during the recent snowfall in Abruzzo Italy.


Taken during a snowy winter in Abruzzo, Italy

Light Touch

Walking near San Liberatore in the Majella

Impression of Pescara

What you can see or not see while walking along via Firenze, Pescara

Promises to Keep

Seen while walking near Rigopiano (PE), Abruzzo, Italy.


On the beach at Vasto Marina in the Chieti province of Abruzzo, Italy

Pole Position

On the beach at Vasto Marina in the Chieti province of Abruzzo, Italy

Venerdi Santo

Part of the Venerdi Santo (Good Friday) procession, outside the church of San Pieto in Loreto Aprutino, Abruzzo, Italy.

Mountain, Church and Clouds

A view of the Majella mountain in Abruzzo, Italy from Loreto Aprutino, looking across at the church of Santa Maria in Piano (San Rocco).

Field of View

A scene from Abruzzo during May 2008.

Majella in Winter

Winter view into the sun of the Majella mountain from the town land of Loreto Aprutino, Abruzzo, Italy.

All will be revealed...

The historic town of Loreto Aprutino, in the Pescara province of Abruzzo Italy emerging from Autumn mist.

Little Darling...

The sun is struggling to make an impact on a damp, dark, misty morning in Abruzzo, Italy.

The Olive Harvest

The annual gathering of the olives before their transformation into "olio nuovo", the seasons new olive oil.

Castello di Roccascalegna

The castle of Roccascalegna stands above the town of Roccascalengna in the Chieti province of Abruzzo Italy.

A Road Runs Through It

Entering Campo Imperatore from the Castel del Monte sign of George Clooney.

Autumn Scene: Campo Imperatore

Semi wild horses on Campo Imperatore, L'Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy.

Preparing the Olives

Spring time preparation of olive trees.

Lago di Penne

From 2008, at Lago di Penne, in Abruzzo.

Curtain Raiser

Seen while walking around Pianella (PE), Abruzzo, Italy.

The Next Step

Stone steps on a paved street in Penne, Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy.

Handy Work

This shoemaker kindly agreed to let me take some photos of him and his workshop as he worked on pair of shoes. Grazie.

Blue Yonder

Flower pots in San Vito Chietino, Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy

The Ship Before Sunrise

Taken before sunrise when Pescara was quiet with hardly any people walking nearby. The stone sculpture, La Nave (the ship/vessel) is a symbol of Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy, created by Pietro Cascella. I'm a fan.

L.A. State of Mind

After the snow fall of the previous days the sun peeped out and lit up the ancient town of Loreto Aprutino, Abruzzo, Italy.

Sun, Shadow and Stone

In the courtyard outside San Pietro Apostolo, Loreto Aprutino.

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo flowing at the festival of San Zopituccio di Vendemmia in Loreto Aprutino.

Street Lights of Chieti

Just before dusk the streetlights along Chieti lit up.

Forca di Penne

A view of the ruined Torre di Capestrano at Forca di Penne in Abruzzo, Italy

Campo Imperatore, Abruzzo

Standing on Campo Imperatore, Abruzzo, Italy

Scene from an Italian Town

Sadly Guardia, the dog in the photo, has died since I took this photo. Her name suited her perfectly - a true guardian.

Pescosansonesco and Majella Mountains

The village of Pescosansonesco with the snow covered Majella mountains in the background. Taken in the Abruzzo region of Italy.


Dancing Olive Trees

Early morning, just outside Loreto Aprutino in the Pescara province of Abruzzo, Italy, I looked around and caught a glimpse of the olive trees stretching and dancing. The post processing of this image has a little Orton-esque effect.

No Time Like Snow Time

Taken from the top of a hill near Loreto Aprutino during the heavy snow of February 2012.

Land and Sky

Water and Light

Along a path near San Liberatore a Majella.


Loreto Aprutino in Snow

Campo Imperatore

The Catch

Taken during the summer of 2010 on a trabocco near San Vito Chietino, Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy. Not too many big fish we're interested in us that day.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Two dogs taking a little snooze in the shade in L'Aquila (AQ), Abruzzo Italy.

Through the Square Window

View through a window of Castello di Capestrano, in the province of L'Aquila, in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Field Study

Early morning photo of a field near Loreto Aprutino

The Artist

Drawing near Roccascalegna, in the Chieti province of Abruzzo, Italy.

Abruzzo June 2012

Taken in mid June 2012 in the priovince of Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy

The Rose of Città Sant’Angelo

Looking out one of the doors of the la Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo (Church of the Archangel Michael) in town of Città Sant’Angelo in the Pescara province of Abruzzo Italy.

Mist Rolling In

Taken in Abruzzo Italy.

Old Olive Tree

This olive tree can be found at the top of the hill top town of Corvara in the Pescara Province of Abruzzo Italy. I believe it is more than 200 years old.

Through the Fog

Early morning fog moving through the valley.


From spring 2010.

Barber Shop


On Campo Imperatore

They call me Cinque!

The local street-dog. A master of manipulation. If he was a cat he'd be called Macavity.


Among the sunflowers.

Santa Maria della Pietà

The seventeenth century.octagonal church of Santa Maria della Pietà overlooking the Plain of Navelli, Abruzzo, Italy


The fog was slow to lift around Collecorvino (PE),

Undercover Tenderness

Sudden shower delivers moment of affection.

Great Gig In The Sky

Largo Bocce, in the centro storico of Loreto Aprutono (PE) was the venue for a wonderful concert by Floyd On The Wing - a Pink Floyd tribute band. Can you hear them?

Beyond These Castle Walls

View from Castello di Bominaco (AQ), Abruzzo

Friends and Neighbours

Two friends.

April Showers

After a heavy shower of rain.

Fruit Tree

Fruit tree in spring.